Easy-Peasy Alternator conversion

Lets start with the alternator source. In the US, MGCARS is ideal as they have all the bits ready to go.


Which is currently $79.95, when you call, ask for a single groove pulley to be installed instead of the 5 groove. Should be no or low charge. Have them leave it loose on the shaft as you need to rotate the front of the case 90-degrees.

Get a PLIS plug while you are on the phone.

Disconnect battery!

Bits required:


Enjoy 85 amps!



Alternator - salvage yard link above as well as any respectable auto parts store.

Pulley - local alternator specialty shop

PLIF plug - same (also called PLIS)

Brown #10 wire - Britshwiring.com or local hardware. I really like the

excellent quality of the Britishwiring.com wire.

The results:

this is an ADO16 type solenoid, mini is mounted on clutch housing or on starter.