Elves! Everywhere!


Booted Minis! The Riley Elf and Wolseley Hornet are a breed apart.

Pristine restoration, Original Condition, Mild to Wild, they are all interesting and fun to own.

Below is the gallery. Click on a picture name to view, click BACK to come back to the list.

Your Elf and Hornet pictures are always welcome. As I am composing a restoration reference book, original/restored and historically accurate pictures are needed.

Send your Elf or Hornet or ADO16 pictures, comments, for sale, or "bits wanted" items to our

COLORS Very Original Mk III
Headlamp Relay Schematic
  Engine Bore Chart    
NOS Champion Caps New Fan Radiator Canister Filter Recondition sorted engine bay New 700 Series Fog Lamps
Original Dash
Ignition Coil Connections
Solid State Voltage Stabilizer Twin HS 2 Details Color Wiring Diagram Pg1 Color Wiring Diagram Pg2
Elf Accessories Brochure Pg 1 Elf Accessories Brochure Pg 2 Elf Accessories Brochure Pg 3 Elf Accessories Brochure Pg 4
HORNET ALBUM Pone Henge Album Keels & Wheels 2005  

Other Elf/Hornet stuff

Color Chart developed from actual BMC Chip Chart. BMC offered more colors than were printed in the chart.

Paint and Restoration orginally from mini.org web site


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